Successful recruitment starts here


At Nexus we can provide Employers with a specific plan of action to resolve your individual needs to either resource a Permanent, Contract or Temporary employee. Whether you are looking to recruit an individual or a complete team into your organisation, you will always find the Consultants at Nexus Recruitment will be professional at all times. 

Recruitment Process

Many people feel that recruiting individuals is as simple as pulling people in off the street. Obviously this is not the case. Hence, at Nexus we pride ourselves in ensuring that we take the utmost care and attention to detail. For this reason Nexus can discuss your requirements and advise you of the potential plan of action in order to fulfil your immediate and most pressing recruitment positions. The following is a list of activities that take place in the recruitment of a new employee:

  • Job Specification
  • Advertising
  • Sourcing from Nexus Database
  • Interviewing
  • Short List to Client
  • Client Short List Interviews – either one or more by Client
  • Rejected Candidates advised by Nexus
  • Acceptable Candidate
  • Job Offered to Candidate by Nexus
  • Acceptance or rejection by Candidate
  • Offer Letter to Candidate and Contract of Employment
  • Organise return of Acceptance
  • Assist Candidate with Letter of Resignation
  • Organise Start Date
  • Monitor New Employee after start

Naturally there will be variations on the above but on the whole this is what will occur in the recruitment process.

Job Specifications

Our consultants can assist you in producing detailed Job Specifications.


Nexus will advertise your requirement in a number of places. We use both web and paper based advertising. We will advertise within our own portal as well as a variety of others. All advertising carried out by Nexus is free to the Client except where it is a Client paid assignment.

In all instances Client Confidentiality is always maintained.

Nexus Database

At Nexus we have in excess of 100,000 people registered on our database that we can contact initially.

Initial Interviews

Consultants at Nexus will always telephone interview all potential candidates and personally interview a short list of candidates where possible.

Short List

We will provide you, the Client, with a short list of candidates that we feel will be the best fit for the role that you have described to us.

Client Short List

Once we have interviewed all possible candidates available for any particular position, we will submit a Short List of candidate details to the Client.

Interviews - either one or more by Client

Nexus will advise the appropriate candidates of their appointments for interviews. We will enclose details of the Company together with any Client literature, website information and job specification. The candidate will be advised as to who will conduct the interview as well as the likely format and duration for the interview.

Acceptable Candidate

Candidates that are suitable for the position will be advised verbally of the offer being made to them by the Client.

Rejected Candidates advised by Nexus

After all interviews have taken place and the Client is in a position to make a definitive choice between candidates we will formally advise candidates that were not suitable for the position.

Job Offered to Candidate by Nexus

When the Client is comfortable with a particular candidate Nexus will offer the position to the candidate with an outline schedule of all benefits, if any.

Acceptance or rejection by Candidate

Nexus will determine whether a Candidate is going to either accept or decline an offer and if necessary advise the Client to revise their offer to the Candidate.

Offer Letter to Candidate and Contract of Employment

Once a Candidate has confirmed their acceptance of an offer verbally to Nexus, we will advise the Client to arrange for a formal written offer to be sent to the Candidate.

Organise return of Acceptance

We will confirm with the Candidate that he/she is happy with the offer letter and terms of employment and get a formal Acceptance returned to the Client as-soon-as-possible.

Assist Candidate with Letter of Resignation

Nexus will advise Candidates on how to structure their exit from their current employer, including letters of resignation and leaving date.

Organise Start Date

Once both Client and Candidate are happy with each other, we will organise and confirm suitable starting dates for commencement of employment.

Monitor New Employee after start

Nexus will monitor the progress a New Employee is making during the first 3 months of their employment. We will normally work with the Client to ensure a smooth transition period.

Nexus will provide you with ideas to promote your organisation, to look at the structure of the team and to advise on team fit.